Editor’s Note: The following is a comment made on August 3, 2019 at 14:57 in reference to an entry written by Caitlin Johnstone at Consortium News. The post is titled: Propagandists Freak Out Over Gabbard’s Destruction of Harris.

The comment is being posted here for two reasons:

First, to voice a point that’s been completely ignored by the controlled media.

And two – directly related to the first:

The hypocrisy of those in media who claim to support free speech – who rail against ‘social media’ control of the conversation – then turn around and do the very same thing.

The comment was sent, as already noted, on August 3, 2019 at 14:57 – it’s been sitting and ‘awaiting moderation’ for several hours now. It’s pretty safe to assume that it can be put into the ‘censored comments’ category here at FFP.

Johnstone makes this bold declaration:

If our society is to have any chance of ever throwing off the omnicidal, ecocidal power establishment which keeps us in a state of endless war and soul-crushing oppression, the first step is punching a hole in the narrative matrix which keeps us hypnotized into believing that this is all normal and acceptable.

How utterly and shamelessly self-serving. These kinds of statements are always used in defense of those who feel their own arguments are being marginalized – until, that is, another argument is presented that might challenge those arguments. THEN, the use of the hypnotizing elements of the ‘narrative matrix’ are just fine. These whiners don’t hesitate to put into practice their own version of the ‘narrative matrix’.

Readers should ask themselves: what is it about this comment that Consortium News finds so necessary to keep from publication? It’s not that hard to figure out – and it completely vindicates its point.

It’s all pretty much the theater of the absurd – I gave up watching, actually.

I HAD some respect for Gabbard – that is ‘had’ in the past tense.

But when she joined her fellow cohorts in congress and voted in support of H.Res. 246 on July 23 any such respect was thrown right out of the window. She’s a hypocrite – like all the rest. When she condemns BDS – which seeks to peacefully censure israel for its crimes against humanity – she joins in with all the slaves of the masters that control the u.s. government.

None of the ‘debates’ nor the ‘election’ will change anything about this corrupt government and its lackeys.


Reference: Propagandists Freak Out Over Gabbard’s Destruction of Harris – Consortiumnews