Editor’s Commentary: The following post was published at the Montana Roué blog. It’s interesting for a reason that the author might not even have realized – montanaroue chose to utilize vintage graphics in order to present a sort-of ‘gun culture’ imagery. This poses a rather profound thought.

During the years that these images represent, guns were given as gifts, promoted in magazines, there were high school gun clubs and students were offered safe shooting lessons as elective credits, even Catholic nuns participated the sport of skeet shooting.

Mass shootings were unheard of.

One can ask the obvious question: what is it today that has created the mass shooting phenomenon that was NOT a part of American reality back then?

The author of this post makes the typical ‘we need more gun laws’ argument, seemingly oblivious to the obvious point: There are far more gun laws NOW than there ever were during the years reflected in the images – yet, the numbers of all gun related crimes – not just ‘mass shootings’ – are exponentially higher.

The obvious answer is that guns are merely a symptom of a greater problem. And it’s directly related to the ‘society’ that has replaced the civil society of that now distant era. Very few will point this out because it presents the question of values and responsibility. And these are taboo subjects in a country that equates these things with the ‘old white man patriachy’.

So gun laws are the more acceptable route – the ‘answer’ to everything that’s ‘wrong’ in the degenerate u.s.a. of today. ‘Get rid of the guns and all the terrible things will go away.’

Those who know better can only give a mocking smirk and reply, ‘…and good luck with that’.

It’s a pretty safe bet that if guns were somehow eliminated from every major city – let’s disregard the fact that when the criminal-minded want a gun, they’ll get one, no matter the ‘laws’ – these deranged individuals, and groups, will find another way to create havoc, e.g. home made bombs.

It’s simply naive for anyone to think that gun laws are the panacea to a ‘safer’ u.s.a. – but that really isn’t the actual intent by those who are running the show anyway.


Monday, August 5, 2019
Montana Roue

“Mental problem”
The sad fact is none of us are safe. Anybody can grab a gun and shoot. Be they a leftist, rightist, bigot, disenfranchised employee, or vengeful lover. Obviously anybody willing to murder strangers has a “mental problem.” However given the killing spree going on in our country, the problem is not simply some lunatic. If anybody is out of their minds it’s those who allow anyone to buy a gun almost anywhere with virtually no restrictions. Only to offer their thoughts and prayers the victims of gun violence. Rather than actually legislate to make America a safer place for all of us.

License to kill
Most folks in central Montana own a firearm. Here hunting is a way of life. Thus the idea of limiting one’s ability to bear arms ignites the ire of my friends and neighbors. However at some point we must face the fact that some are not as morally responsible as Montanans. Hence there is a need to filter out those few who shouldn’t be packing iron. Especially in a Walmart or elementary school. Most of us assume America is the best. Yet the majority of our fellow nations have figured out how to end gun violence. So shouldn’t we at least try to take a shot at gun control?!

The big bang theory
Like it or not any of us could go postal at anytime. The only difference is aiming with a handgun versus semi-automatic rifle. One requires you aim at the victim at hand. The other can be randomly fired at all within its radius of impact. As far as I know, nobody in these parts hunts for elk with a machine gun. Instead they pride themselves on stalking, aiming, and firing at their targets. Thus in theory, the firearms they want to freely use are of little threat to anyone sans fur and antlers. So why do they assume that their favorite sport is at risk of being violated?!

Ready and waiting
The only freedom that is threatened by limited gun legislation is free-wheeling murder. The official definition of a “mass shooting” is five or more fatalities. Elimination of easy access to weapons might have avoided the deaths of the two hundred and seventy nine Americans killed in mass shootings since 2015. Put in context, the total of Americans killed in the Gulf War was two hundred and nineteen. Isn’t it time that we acknowledged that this killing is not going to stop on it’s own? And that the only way to end mass shootings is limiting access to fire arms. It’s a life or death decision.

Mass shootings since 2015

Dayton Ohio
9 dead, 26 wounded

El Paso, TX
22 dead, 27 wounded

Virginia Beach VA
12 dead, 6 wounded

Aurora, IL
5 dead, 1 wounded

Thousand Oaks, CA
12 dead, 18 wounded

Pittsburgh, PA
11 dead, 6 wounded.

Annapolis, MD
5 dead

Santa Fe, TX
10 dead, 13 wounded.

Parkland, FL
17 dead, 17 wounded

Sutherland Springs, TX
26 dead,  20 wounded

Las Vegas NV
58 dead, 500+ wounded

Fort Lauderdale, FL
5 dead, 8 wounded

Burlington, WA
5 dead

Orlando, FL
49 dead, 53 wounded

San Bernardino, CA
14 dead, 22 wounded

Roseburg, OR
9 dead, 8 wounded

Chattanooga TX
5 dead, 1 wounded

via Montana Roué: BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD